Seatech Automation utilizes OPTO 22 Hardware for interfacing field devices such as beer flow meters and spirit dispensers to its Flow Beverage Monitoring Software.  Opto 22 has been available in Australia for three decades and is renowned for its reliability and performance.

Aside from the hundreds of hospitality sites where OPTO 22 has been used for beverage monitoring, below are just a few other critical infrastructures relying on OPTO 22: -

  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel - for the monitoring all services including, air quality, lighting levels and car movements just to name a few.
  • Hamilton Island, Whitsundays - uses Opto 22 for their entire water infrastructure.   This includes, waste and grey water treatment, desalination plant and rain water treatment.
  • Energex, Brisbane - uses Opto 22 in 300 substations.
  • Ballarat Hospital, Victoria - has used OPTO 22 for over 20 years and have thousands of I/O points with over 1000 graphic (HMI) screens.
  • Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney -  recently used Opto 22 to control and monitor the largest Hyperbaric Chamber in the world.
  • Significant number of the petrol pumps in Australia have been using Opto 22 for the last 25 years.
  • James Cameron’s Deep-Sea-Challenge used Opto 22 on the
    submersible submarine to Marianas Trench.