Daily FLOW Variance Report  (click for example)

  • Daily Flow V Sales report shows the movements in a bar, by brand and any variances in mls, sale size, percentage and retail price.
  • This report is automatically emailed at the start of everyday to enable the user to view the movements of the previous day and tackle any issues.  Columns are customizable so options such as date & time, brand, bar, beverage, etc can be selected depending on requirements should the user want to run a variety of reports of any kind, at any time.
  • In the example shown here, this Venue from just one of its bars, between the hours of 13.30 on 3/1/14  &  08.00 on 4/1/14 cannot account for 23 schooners across 10 beer brands.
  • When a discrepancy or variance is evident, (note there is a variance of -2,135 mls of Carlton in the Lounge Bar) the user would run a Flow Sales Log report and look at all the individual pours of Carlton, during that time period and establish why there is 2,135 mls of Carlton missing.
  • Since FLOW runs in real-time, Duty Managers can be sent SMS or Email alerts  giving them information on beverages poured but not sold, by venue, by bar, by brand, & how many mls poured.

FLOW Sales Log Report    
(click for example)

  • Flow Sales Log shows mls poured in RED  in one column and the corresponding sale in BLUE (based on a recipe of 400mls in a schooner glass) in the next column,  let’s continue to investigate this scenario of the discrepancy in the Carlton Draught.
  • Pours from 13:54pm to 16:33pm have had overpours.   Approx 140mls of beer has been lost in just over 2.5 hours, so if staff continue to overpour on a daily basis, the amount of bulk beer lost per month just  in overpours will be quite considerable.
  • @ 16:33:31 staff pour 405.66mls of beer – with NO sale
  • @ 17:21:31 staff pour 458.54mls of beer – with NO sale
  • @ 18:06:51 staff pour 403.08mls of beer – with NO sale
  • @ 18:10:01 staff sell 2 beers, but under pour so the venue actually saves 35mls of beer (inconsistent pouring).
  • Between 18:11 and 19:18  staff behind this bar continue to overpour, and the venue continues to lose money.
  • @ 19:21:41 staff pour 826.80mls of beer but only ring up 1 x Beer instead of two.

These are just two examples of the kind of reports that can be generated in FLOW, but we are always keen to work with our clients and design reports tailored to their specific needs.